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Custody of Your Assets

Brick Financial Management, LLC is an independent investment advisor. We do not hold assets for our clients. Brick Financial exercises only a limited power of attorney to direct client trades within the client account as per an agreed upon Investment Policy Statement.

Our client accounts are held at the brokerage firm Foliofn, Ameritrade or another agreed upon discount brokerage house and are titled in the client's name only. Any disbursements from that account may only be made to the client at his/her address of record, or the client's bank account.

Clients receive original copies of each purchase, sale, or disbursement, a monthly statement, and consolidated tax reporting at year end. The custodian provides an electronic link and other back office support to Brick Financial, which allows us to direct and monitor client accounts on a daily basis.

We are not employees of the custodian, and receive no compensation from them for placing trades through them. We are free to select any discount brokerage house or trust company to provide custody for client accounts. We chose our custodians based on the best combination of services, cost to our clients and their financial strength. No one ever has to worry about the financial integrity of our custodians.

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