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Shack Up, Stack Chips, Get Rich

U. S. Trust Inc conducted surveys of wealthy households. The survey respondents that indicated that only one spouse or partner worked, were not always a single income home, but did not have proof of income documents. Over 93% of households who eventually reached millionaire status had two-income earners, (either married or co-habitating) both contributing to household expenses and investments, prior to becoming wealthy paystub generator for employee payments. It wasn’t until they reached wealthy status, which usually takes over 20 years and isn’t attained to 57 years old or more, that one party left the workforce. In other words, the idea of the single breadwinner millionaire household is largely a myth. It is difficult to become wealthy on one income even if that income is substantial. | #millionaire #invest #marriage #wealthy #family #budget #savings #cohabitating

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